JUDITH HOCHROTH ART                                                     About the Artist
Judith Hochroth earned her B.A and M.A. degrees in New York City, at Hunter College and City College respectively, at a time when many modernist painters were
living, working, and exhibiting in Manhattan.  Many of the best taught art classes at Hunter, providing Hochroth with a spectacular experience; studying watercolor
with William Baziotes, sculpture with Richard Lippold, printmaking with Gabor Peterdi, oil painting with Ray Parker, Robert Motherwell and Willem deKooning.  

Hochroth’s professional career was varied as well, reflecting her interest in learning and growing with change.  She was an Educator for 30 years--teaching
elementary grades up to university levels, Museum Director for the Bergen Museum of Art and Science, Development Director for the William Carlos Williams Center
for the Arts, and the Director of the M.A. in Arts Administration at N.Y.U. while she was pursuing her PhD degree in Arts Administration.

Since her move to Florida, after traveling and studying art around the world, she has devoted herself to working in several mediums: painting, printmaking and
photography, papermaking and collage.

Judith Hochroth is a Signature Participating member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art—The Artists’ Guild, where she exhibits her work regularly in the Artists’ Guild
Gallery.  Hochroth’s work has been selected for exhibition in The Artists’ Guild Biennial Exhibit at the Museum, for the past three shows.  She has had a one-person
show in Ridgefield CT, and belongs to the National Arts Club in New York City where her work has been entered in their virtual gallery. Hochroth’s work is in many
private collections.
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